Few display items offer the eye catching ability and animation of a flag swaying in the breeze. They are also suited for indoor use if you have a large area, or need to attract attention to your trade show.

We offer Teardrop, Feather and Rectangular flags from 2.5m tall to 5.5m and either single or double-sided printing. Bases are sold separately as an option.

All flag production

We are here to produce all sizes and shapes for any flag requirements, as mum says if you don’t ask….you don’t get.

Teardrop Flag

The Teardrop flag can display your logo or a message such as a price or specific piece of information, you can also add a picture of a product or service you offer. Price includes:

  • Printed Teardrop flag
  • Pole
  • Carry bag
  • Bases sold separately


Feather Flag

The Feather flag shape suits most logos and has a larger surface area for additional information, images or text. Price includes:

  • Printed Feather flag
  • Pole
  • Carry Bag
  • Bases sold separately


Rectangle Flag

The Rectangular flag can be produced either landscape or portrait and can offer the maximum area giving greater scope for artwork design. We can also allow for flag extenders on portrait flags. Price includes:

  • Printed Rectangle flag
  • Carry Bag


Fabric Pop-up

Our range of fabric pop-ups are popular branding items. Commonly used at golfing and other outdoor sporting events, they are equally at home in exhibition stands, trade shows and just about any event where quick, portable and simple branding is needed. Price includes:

  • Printed double sided pop-up
  • Soft ground spikes (for outdoor areas such as grass, sand, snow etc)
  • Carry bag